Koko Che Jota gives its name to the multidisciplinary artistic project developed by Carolina Häfner that began in early 2014.

Carolina, daughter of architects and born in Granada in 1990, moved to Berlin when she was 2 years old. She grew up surrounded by plans, works, materials and hearing about the coherence between elements, something that defines her work. She studied architecture at the renowned UDK in Berlin. Carolina uses different ways to develop her work, covering very different fields, such as the digital world, textiles, ceramics and embroidery. It is difficult to explain exactly what source she drinks from, since there are many techniques that she feels passionated about.

"Leily Taz Evans", "Under The Sky" and "Los Gusanos del Lapso", "Berlin" are some of the limited series of her latest works, which can be found both on large format canvases and on 300 gram conqueror paper, or in handkerchief and ceramic format.

Her artworks have been exhibited in galleries and fairs such as Hybrid Art-Fair, Berlin Graphic Days, Culture3Club. Also she has collaborated as an illustrator for some publications such as Yonoh-Studio or at Mercedes Benz Fashion - Week (Madrid) developing the prints for the brand La Aguja en el Dedo for the Prêt-à-porter collection.

Carolina has participated in interior design work for offices such as Estudio Pinasetti, Lugadero or the Casa del Sol hotel in Barcelona.