We're not only facing a global pandemic, but also our inner fears while we drown on a sea of frightening news bombarding us all day long. Under this circumstances, the artist feels the need to create a message of hope, painting these empty rooms hoping to come back to a new normal where we can habit those spaces again
 These rooms show the need to live surrounded by beauty. The importance of a cozy atmosphere, as small as it may be, where the simple and minimalistic brings you just enough to nourish your soul. A good book, a nice painting or a beautiful and colorful plant is all you need. During these pandemic times, life is bringing our attention back to the basics. The important things are hidden in plain sight: nature, a hug or a simple gesture of love. Giving and receiving.
 We live in crazy times under the pressure of a ferocious consumerism. A "happy" life will be impossible to achieve if we do not simplify our daily habits and moderate our hunger for consuming. These is a global challenge that affects us all as a society.