Nº3 "Under The Sky"

  • Very Limited Edition
  • Large size High Quality Canvas
  • 100% Recycled Cotton
  • Numbered and signed by KOKO CHE JOTA
  • Serie: "UNDER THE SKY"
  • CANVAS AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: 65x65cm, 100x100cm and 140x140cm additional 6cm white border
  • Natural high grammage canvas with texture
  • Sealed with UV-Varish

COVID19 (7th day in Quarantine painting and diary)


Third painting in quarantine (and I already have a favorite) I am painting the rooms with all my best energy and the most positive. It is horrible what is happening and the news falls incessantly on us, like a huge wave ... So I want to bring you a positive thought! At some point it will end. Surely it will not come from one day to the next as if by magic ... it will be a process in which we will absorb many things, I hope that our foundations will be rebuilt, hopefully that day will come hand in hand with much learning! If we leave this battle with nothing learned, it will be a loss! I hope to see you that day in the future with this in mind! ENERGYYYYY !!! You find this new painting and the others in this series "UNDER THE SKY" in my web shop! It will be available as a canvas in its three sizes and as a Giclée print ... you already know that it has an offer all these days of quarantine! You can now enjoy this offer and I will send them when we all go back to work officially;) If you feel like sharing it with the world, give it a go:) KIZZZZEZEZEZZZ !!! P.S. I also miss seeing my friends and family!


The process of making canvases is undoubtedly unique.

High quality canvases are processed with heat and acrylic inks, the increase in temperature causes the pore of the canvas to open. In this way the ink is introduced to the deepest part of the fiber, the result is a live pigment with an exceptional finish.
The canvases are made of recycled material with a high grammage and organic textures. They are subsequently sealed with a protective spray to maintain the quality of the canvas.
It is advisable to measure the canvas accurately before framing, since its size may vary slightly. The drag of the machine and the heat on the cotton cause these slight variations.

If you want to receive your canvas mounted on a frame or wooden stretcher bars you can request it additionally. Please contact KOKO CHE JOTA for further information.

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