• 100% Natural Silk
  • Double side printed
  • "ABSTRACT" collection
  • High quality foulard on 65x65cm
  • Designed by KOKO CHE JOTA
  • Manufactured in Spain, Km.0 product
  • Plastic free shipping

Notes :

This is not a handkerchief.

This is a piece of art: one which you can choose to wear when it’s sunny outside, or hang on your wall when it isn’t.

This is not a handkerchief.

But rather a 65 x 65 cm smooth caress made of 100% silk and 0% plastic that should only be washed by hand.

 It is the last consequence of an artistic exploratory journey through different techniques, media and materials. An eye-pleasing blend of plants, animals and interior that configures a unique aesthetic display.

 Only after more than a decade of polishing her professional artistic exercise is Koko Che Jota able to bring forth this materialized reverie, manufactured to become an elegant, unpretentious present for someone you appreciate dearly — that being a friend or, ideally, even yourself.

* If this product is out of stock, contact us by email to check if it's possible to manufacture it on demand!


A LAPSO is the portion of time that passes between two limits.
During the span of our life we create our story from beginning to end, from the first darkness to the last light...


Photography: Rebecca Scabrós

A personal selection of the artist's favorite artworks on a high quality polyester scarf.
A piece of art ready to wear or to hang on a wall.
The process of designing and manufacturing takes place in Spain.
The brushstrokes of these designs are always looking for organic textures, with an elegant design.

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