Nº4 "Under The Sky"

  • Very Limited Edition
  • Large size High Quality Canvas
  • 100% Recycled Cotton
  • Numbered and signed by KOKO CHE JOTA
  • Serie: "UNDER THE SKY"
  • CANVAS AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: 65x65cm, 100x100cm and 140x140cm additional 6cm white border
  • Natural high grammage canvas with texture
  • Sealed with UV-Varish

COVID19 (7th day in Quarantine painting and diary)


This new series by the Berliner artist, based in Seville, KOKO CHE JOTA, arises during the time of confinement due to the COVID19 pandemic.
The paintings are accompanied by a diary where thoughts and feelings are expressed. It will be a live series, as long as the virus lives.     
The new series “Under the Sky” is inspired by the day we all go out to the streets, the day that we will flood the bars, the cinemas, the parks and the squares, that day our houses will be empty and we will fill the streets again with life.
We face not only COVID19 but also our deepest fears accompanied by an avalanche and news overdose. The artist finds the need to create hopeful messages with her art and thus shows empty rooms to remember and visualize the return to “normality” with her painting.     
The rooms show the need to live beautifully. The importance of having a pleasant environment, however small it may be, minimalist, simple, with what is necessary and fair, but cozy, with books and pictures on its walls to nourish the soul.
In this quarantine, life gives us, once again, a lesson and shows us the basic needs of every living being. The important thing is out there, in nature, in hugs and affection. In giving and receiving.     
We live in a frenetic world dominated by consumerism that makes us live like chickens without heads. In this way the "happy" life will be difficult to achieve if we do not simplify our habits and do not moderate our constant desires.
Those who govern us will have to understand that everyone's future is at stake.     
Is it true, as they say, that we could live working five hours, three days a week? Isn't it what, the economy is in crisis because while we are confined we buy only what is necessary?     
The new work "Under the Sky" talks about throwing away old structures and rethinking our foundations. It expresses the desire for improvement and meeting real needs. In this quarantine we have the opportunity to discover what we really need.

The process of making canvases is undoubtedly unique.

High quality canvases are processed with heat and acrylic inks, the increase in temperature causes the pore of the canvas to open. In this way the ink is introduced to the deepest part of the fiber, the result is a live pigment with an exceptional finish.
The canvases are made of recycled material with a high grammage and organic textures. They are subsequently sealed with a protective spray to maintain the quality of the canvas.
It is advisable to measure the canvas accurately before framing, since its size may vary slightly. The drag of the machine and the heat on the cotton cause these slight variations.

If you want to receive your canvas mounted on a frame or wooden stretcher bars you can request it additionally. Please contact KOKO CHE JOTA for further information.

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