• "PORTRAITS" collectionHigh quality canvas available in 4 sizes*: 48x48cm / 65x65cm / 100x100cm / 140x140cm
  • Very limited edition numbered and signed by the artist (1/45)
  • Natural high grammage canvas with texture made with recycled cotton
  • Sealed and protected with UV-Varnish
  • Personal dedication on request
  • Plastic free shipping
  • Measure accurately before framing




    This collections brings to the surface the simplicity of beauty. Infinite eyes, a sense of calm and certainty about life. These faces try to express something universal, something we all can relate to.


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    The process of making canvases is undoubtedly unique.

    High quality canvases are processed with heat acrylic inks, the increase in temperature causes the pore of the canvas to open. In this way the ink is introduced to the deepest part of the fiber, the result is a live pigment with an exceptional finish.

    The canvases are made of recycled cotton with a high grammage and organic textures.

    They are subsequently sealed with a protective spray to maintain the quality of the canvas, with a special shine.

    *It is advisable to measure the canvas accurately before framing, since its size may vary slightly. The drag of the machine and the heat on the cotton cause these slight variations.


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