• “YOCASTA’S TEARS” is a manufactured unique piece.

  • Inspired in the classic mythology 
  • 2 eyes, 30 natural pearls, 8 tears and 2 hypoallergenic stainless steal rings
  • White ceramic overcast with transparent enamel.

  • Slow, delicate process, applying a lot of love and dedication.


This is not jewelry.

This is a piece of art: one made of unrepeatable, individually hand-crafted pieces that harmoniously constitute one unique creation.

This is not jewelry.

But rather a well-balanced amalgamation of hypoallergenic stainless steel, natural pearl and ceramics.

It is the last consequence of an artistic exploratory journey through different techniques, media and materials. A deep dive into pure naivety that playfully gives shape to figments of imagination.

Only after more than a decade of polishing her professional artistic exercise is Koko Che Jota able to bring forth this materialized reverie, manufactured to become an elegant, unpretentious present for someone you appreciate dearly — that being a friend or, ideally, even yourself.

Product can be out of stock and be created on demand after purchase. / Producto puede estar fuera de stock y creado bajo demand después de su compra. 

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